Taking care of a pool all year round may sound like a big job, once you stay on top of things and schedule regular maintenance checks, it won’t be as bad as it seems. While diving into a cool swimming pool on a warm summer’s day sounds great, the thought of maintaining the pool is anything but relaxing. Safety certificates, cleaning, filtering and checking the water may be enough to make you think twice about installing or buying a property with a pool.

But it doesn’t have to be that complicated, and here is why.


If you are renting or selling a pool with a property with a residential pool, you must follow various laws and regulations in your home state. Not every state is the same in Australia, so it is important to check regulations to ensure you comply.

Although compliance sounds difficult, with the help of a knowledgeable company, it can be very easy to meet swimming pool regulations. If you sell your home, you must have a current pool compliance certificate, otherwise the sale won’t be able to go through. If you do sell the property, the new owner has 90 days to acquire a compliance certificate.

If you are looking for pool certifiers in Sydney, there are a variety of companies who provide first-class services throughout the city. A pool certifier will be able to fully assess your pool and provide you with helpful advice and recommendations on how to acquire your certificate. Once you resolve all the issues, you’ll be awarded a pool compliance cert.


Aside from obeying the law when it comes to compliance, you’ll need to take good care of your pool by scheduling regular cleaning. If you take care of your pool and clean it once a week, you stop dirt and debris from accumulating. Unfortunately, pools don’t stay pristine all year round, they need to be cleared of insects, leaves and other debris. If you’ve decided you want to take care of maintenance by yourself, you’ve 4 options:

  1. Hand vacuum
  2. Suction cleaner
  • Pressure cleaner
  1. Robotic cleaner

Each one of these has its own advantages, a hand vacuum is cheaper, yet more time consuming, while a robotic cleaner is more expensive but doesn’t require much hands-on work.

Equipment & Chemicals

You must remember that anything with moving parts can and will eventually need maintenance or replacing. It is important to stay on top of cleaning equipment and pool components to ensure your pool is in tip top condition. You’ll need to find the right testing kit to check your water quality to ensure safety. When using pool chemicals, make sure you follow the guidelines posted on the product.

If you’ve bought a property with a pool or you don’t know the first thing about pool compliance or maintenance, ask for help. A pool certification company will assess your pool and give you a detailed list of all the thing you need to do to stay compliant. If you need help with maintenance, you can hire a professional cleaner to do the job.